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About SeaSisters

SeaSisters is a local organization that teaches Sri Lankan girls and women how to swim and surf. 


They create a safe space for girls and women to enjoy the ocean, using sports as a tool for women’s empowerment. 


SeaSisters is where Sanu began her surfing journey. 

Learn more about their work at



SeaSisters was founded in 2018 by Amanda Prifti and Martina Burtscher, who are also the co-producers of We Are Like Waves. 


They wanted to share SeaSisters’ and Sanu’s story in an authentic and collaborative way - that’s why they teamed up with director Jordyn Romero and producer Leah de Leon.


We Are Like Waves was initiated in partnership with SeaSisters, with the intent to inspire more diverse girls and women to get into surfing and follow their own path. 



SeaSisters Sri Lanka and its co-founders Amanda Prifti and Martina Burtscher have never received any money from We Are Like Waves


All financial expenses and income (including crowdfunding, sponsoring and film screenings worldwide) were handled by the director and producer of the film. A financial report is available upon request!

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Get Involved

Join SeaSisters in a movement of change! Around the world, people are stepping forward to challenge the status quo and fight for gender equality. Every action counts!

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